The forest of Selanth is haunted. Within its grasping, towering limbs the living dead hunger for flesh while ghostly apparitions terrifying the living. Creatures that call the forest home take on the pallor of death and disease. The cries of banshees constantly echo through the canopy. A ghastly mist casts a pale over the forest beds and damp bogs within its borders: a constant shroud of gloom that blankets everything in its path. Most horrifying of all, The Glooming Forest contains a unique population: undead fey, born of the Feywild and twisted by the taint of the Shadowfell.

It was not always so. The elves of Selanth claim that the woods were once a paradise. Its trees bore bountiful fruit and its springs flowed with the purest water. Today the trees only bear rotten fruits. The springs of Selanth flow with only brackish water.

Whatever happened to cause this horror began following the fall of the Kordil Empire. Selanth had always been closer to the Feywild than other portions of Vordil. Its trees climbed higher than all the towers of men and were a constant vibrant verdant, even in snowfall. Then came the Gloom. A manifest zone of the Shadowfell opened within the woodland borders. Death and disease spread over everything. No living creature was spared the creeping gloom.

Today, Selanth’s largest living population consists of the elves who have vowed to restore the forest. Elf patrols hunt down and destroy undead while leading lost travelers back to civilization. Their sages have spent hundreds of years researching what cause the calamity. Despite their best efforts, even they have fallen victim to the Gloom. Their people have begun to develop a dusty-green pallor, with slight sunken, dark features. Many of these elves have turned to worship the Raven Queen. Near every part of elven life in Selanth now revolves around death. They burn their dead to prevent them from rising again and carry black raven feathers to honor the Raven Queen. Still some continue to cling to the old ways – praising Corellon, Melora, and Sehanine alongside their ancestor spirits. Most peculiar, the elves have developed a sort of animism, believing that all things contain spirits and should be honored.

The Glooming Forest’s other inhabits exist in smaller numbers, but are often terrifying to behold. Trolls, bullywugs, and bog hags have taken to the stinking marshes. Will-o’-wisps and faeries alike lead many travelers to their doom in the fog. Gnomes make home in pockets of the forest less tainted than others, but are no less bizarre than their other fey brethren. Who knows what other horrors the mists might conceal?

Rumors persist of a lost, forgotten eladrin spire in the nexus Selanth: at once existing in equal parts the Material World, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell. Whispered voices speak of this tower being the source of the unnatural fey undead and being created by mad lich. Still none who live have claimed to see the spire for themselves, thus it exists only as fairytale. Behind closed doors, the eladrin of Vordil are concerned – Taer Lain Doresh has not returned to the Feywild in more than a century.

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