Unaligned deity

Ioun is the god of knowledge, skill and prophecy. Sages, seers, and tacticians revere her, as do all who live by their knowledge and mental power. Corellon is the patron of arcane magic, but Ioun is the patron of its study. Libraries and wizard academies are built in her name. Her commands are also teachings:

  • Seek the perfection of your mind by bring reason, perception, and emotion into balance with one another.
  • Accumulate, perserve, and distribute knowledge in all forms. Pursue education, build libraries, and seek out lost and ancient lore.
  • Be watchful at all times for the followers of Vecna, who seek to control knowledge and keep secrets. Oppose their schemes, unmask their secrets, and blind them with the light of truth and reason.

Ioun’s church was dealt a serve blow by the decline of the Vordil Empire. For a time it was in recession, until recently when an egnimatic figure rose to lead them: Archmage Rozenthal. Master of both arcane and divine power, Rozenthal used his vast resources to fund the church’s expansion. Today, the church has regained much of its former glory. This is a curious turn of events, as there is no record of Rozenthal’s existence before he became defacto leader of Ioun’s faithful. The church seat of power is located in Gharadh – a vast tower reaching high enough to practically touch the sky.

Ioun’s Poise (Feat Utility)

Ioun grants strength of will to those she favors.
Encounter | Channel Divinity, Divine
Minor Action | Ranged 5
Target: You or one ally
Effect: The target gains a +5 power bonus to Will until the start of your next turn.
Special: You can use only one channel divinity power per encounter.

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