If ever there was a misnomer the Greenveldt is one. Once a lush grassland filled with plenty game animals and life sustaining plants, it has since become a dry arid savanna relieved of its parched existence only by an annual rainy season. It is mainly peopled by fierce, primal folk who have adapted to the hard-scrabble life by scavenging and raiding other nearby tribes for slaves and food (sometimes the same thing). Common races found here include gnolls, bugbears, shifters, kobolds, and goblins.

Tribes of Interest:

Sun Claws- This is a loose coalition of small gnoll families that have broken away from their demon worshipping kin and thrown themselves into the worship of Pelor. Though few, they are the driving force behind the establishment of the frontier city, Sunarian. It can be found along the Dacla River.

Carrion Lords- This is the most powerful gnoll tribe. They take what they please and not many can stand in their way. Currently in a slow burning conflict with the Serpent’s Pride shifter tribe. A recent successful raid against the shifters has filled their bellies and their slave pens with fodder.

Duga Clan- These Bugbear scavengers roam the veldt looking for small parties and outlying settlements to raid. They are rumored to be the descendants of a powerful mercantile guild that was destroyed by internal strife.

Blaga Tribe- This Bugbear tribe is mostly composed of mercenaries who serve as guides and protection for caravans traveling across the veldt. The families of the mercenaries live relatively comfortable lives due to the wealth and resources brought back to the clan through these ventures.

Serpent’s Pride- A large tribe of shifters dedicated to the World Serpent primal spirit. Their druidic traditions bring them into conflict with many of the destructive tribes of the veldt, but none more so often than the Carrion Lords. They are currently planning a large offensive against several Carrion Lord encampments.

Raven Feathers- A tribe of shifters dedicated to the Raven Queen and bringing death to all living things. They hunt and kill without mercy or feeling. The only thing driving them is the desire to deliver more souls to the Queen of the Dead.

Kwigly’s Tribe- A group of goblins lead by a mad sorcerer named Kwigly. He is looking for something and has driven the tribe to continuously move from place to place throughout the veldt. What could the crazy goblin be looking for?

Moto Clan- A group of kobolds newly come to the veldt. They are cruel, violent, and unwilling to parlay. They can be recognized by the red enameled armor they all wear.

There are many other smaller tribes and clans of all the races scattered throughout the wide open spaces of the Greenveldt.

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