Unaligned diety

Erathis is the god of civilization. She is the muse of great invention, founder of cities, and author of laws. Rulers, judges, pioneers, and devoted citizens revere her, and her temples hold prominent places in most of the world’s major cities. Her laws are many, but their purpose is straightforward:

  • Work with opthers to acheive your goals. Community and order are always straonger than disjointed efforts of lone individuals.
  • Tame the wilderness to amke it fit for habitation, and defend the light of civilization against encroaching darkness.
  • Seek out new ideas, new inventions, new lands to inhabit, new wilderness to conquers. Build machines, build cities, build empires.

It is Erathis’s church that is to blame for the sad state of Drakhath. During the days of the Vordil Empire, the church made a grand bid to expand the empire it helped to forge. However, the empire fell before the church could move forward with its grand designs. Today the church of Erathis is in decay and in desperate need of having new ideas to expand the faith.

Harmony of Erathis (Feat Utility)

Erathis brings harmony of purpose to like-minded allies.
Encounter | Channel Divinity, Divine
Minor Action | Ranged 10
Requirement: You must have at least three allies within 10 squares of you.
Target: One ally
Effect: The target gains a +2 power bonus to the first attack roll he or she makes before
the start of your next turn.
Special: You can use only one channel divinity power per encounter.

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