One can find many wonders in the Eladrin city of Shae Bhaerdryn, for fey glamour sparkles along the very walls of the place. Magic is common here, and the inhabitants use it liberally for everything from cleaning homes to limning statues in faerie fire. It is said the city straddles the veil between the Feywild and the Material Plane. Of course, being in both places at once means that it must suffer the indignity of being assaulted by base creatures of both planes. The formorian warlords of the Weirdling Wastes crash their armies on the walls with the regularity of the tides. Goblin chieftains of the Dharkath send their tribes to ambush trade caravans headed to the city from An’khahar. Yet the road remains clear and the walls have never fallen. The reasons for this are the Knights of the Bladed-Star.

The Knights of the Bladed-Star are Eladrin soldiers bound to Corellon Larethian and dedicated to protecting the city from all threats. They take their name from the holy symbol of Corellon. To join the order, a promising Eladrin gives up his or her family name and swears a blood oath to Bhaerdryn and Corellon. The order teaches techniques for mixing swordplay and magic in ways that are unimagined outside of their home. Upon completion of their training the brothers and sisters of the order are required to defend the city for a year and a day. Once finished, they may stay on as members of the order, or they may go out into the Material plane as knights errant to perform good deeds in the name of Corellon and Bhaerdryn.

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