Lawful Good deity

The god of justice, nobility, and protection, Bahamut is the patron of metallic dragons. The symbols and illustrations created by his followers always depict him as a huge, regal-looking dragon with scales made of purest platinum. He commands his followers to uphold the highest ideals of honor, oppose evil, and defend the weak. He is a common patron of paladins. Monarchs are crowned in his name. His commands are as follows:

  • Uphold the highest ideals of honor and justice.
  • Be constantly vigilant against evil and oppose it on all fronts.
  • Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order.

While the church holds itself up to the highest ideals, rumor persist of a corruption. Cardinal Erzadan vehemently denies this, claiming that the church is the infallible ideal of Bahamut. Still whispered voices speak of priests favoring nobility and demanding coin for their blessings. Bahamut’s strongest support can be found in the kingdom of Anteer.

Armor of Bahamut (Feat Utility)

Bahamut protects you or a friend from devastating harm.
Encounter | Channel Divinity, Divine
Immediate Interrupt | Ranged 5
Trigger: An enemy scores a critical hit against you or an ally within 5 squares of you.
Effect: The critical hit becomes a normal hit.
Special: You can use only one channel divinity power per encounter.

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