The World of Rendil

When Ankhegs Attack!

2x Ankheg (200xp)
6x Ankheg Broodlings (25 xp)


Ants 600xp
Everlasting provisions

Nisha's Journal, Entry 1

29th of June, Year 178 Following the Fall of Vordil

I have been approached by Exchequer Trienna, a representative of Trade Prince Dar’van. She requested my services as a caravan escort. She refused to disclose the destination of the delivery or the nature of the cargo. How she came to know of me, I cannot say. I am a new resident to this city, having only been here a week at most. Still, despite my reservations, I accept the Exchequer’s offer as I am down to my last few coins. A contract was signed, in which I accept the gruesome offer of indentured servitude, to offset the cost of my resurrection in the event of my own death. I am hesistant to accept the offer, as I am reluctant to accept anything near slavery. Even if it were to afford my own resurrection. I am beginning to have my doubts about adventuring.

30th of June

I meet the Exchequer in Gatetown, as well as my new companions. An incestuous pair of elven siblings, Bella and Leon de la Cour. I have never meet elves like them before. They have skin as dark as ebony stone. They informed me that they are known as drow. Despite my reservations about these two, I did rather like their sense of style. In my time as a slave, I would never dreamt of wearing such finery. There was also a halfing, Agnetha. Her mood and temperament were wild and ever-shifting, as was her hair color. There was also this disgusting frogman. I believe his name was Bo-something. I too near retching from the stench of him to care. There were five wagons in the caravan, each towed by undead oxen and skeletons. The skeletons were apparently former caravan workers, working off their debts. Our employeer has informed us that the skeletons know our destination, but that we cannot know where we are going. We do, however, have commands to start and stop them if we need to rest or investigate our surroundings. This does nothing to bolster my confidence in this enterprise.

31st of June

Our journey is leading us south, through the Anteer Mountains. I have never felt more useless in my entire life. What good are these powers if they fail me I need them most? We left Gharadh yesterday morn. We have slept in shifts to move more shiftly. In the morning, we were ambushed by highwaymen. I was in such a panic that I couldn’t summon my powers. Even at Leon’s direction, I failed to cast a proper spell. I only managed to prove that I could take take a hit. Then later, as dusk feel, stirges, draw by the scent of our wounds, attacked and nearly killed us all. My spells continued to fail me. I was unprepared for how frightening battle truly was. Our halfing companion, Angetha, proved more than capable of handling her own in combat. Her spells were most impressive, though their effectiveness was chaotic. Bella was truly stoic, never giving her foes an inch of ground. She displayed the most intriguing power – the ability to summon a shroud of darkness. Does she have training in the arcane arts or is this a natural talent of these drow? The frog, despite his horrific stench, proved a most valuale ally, too. His arrows flew true. I am hoping that, which just a little more experience, I will prove myself more effective. Perhaps I should watch my companions more closely. They all have greater expereince than I. Especially Leon, who seemed to understand the flow of battle. Perhaps he could offer some coaching on how to maintain composure under duress.

We did find the most interesting sort of bag on the highwaymen. If I am correct, this is what is know as a bag of holding. It is capable of carrying vast quantities of goods despite its small size via an ingenious pocket dimension within the bag. It proved quite useful in gathering the bandits’ discarded equipment for later sale.


Trienna, Exchequer to Trade Prince Dar’van.
Security guards for caravan.
Greenstone shipment. Animate dead horses and drivers.
One share each of profits. No pay otherwise. All recovered goods on the trip theirs to keep unless it needs portage by caravan (in which case it becomes part of the caravan).
In the event of death:
a) share held and corpse is indentured until resurrection can be paid for
b) share held until private resurrection is performed
c) share given to next of kin
d) share returned to employer
Make them sign.
Shipment destination NOT provided. Drivers know the way. Drivers obey start and stop commands only. Delivery only to Evelyn Dubrey or authorized agent. Shares 300gp.
Transportation back to Garadh with caravan pays addition 1/10 share, else business concluded. Returning with caravan allows future employment, failure to do so precludes it.


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