The World of Rendil


Trienna, Exchequer to Trade Prince Dar’van.
Security guards for caravan.
Greenstone shipment. Animate dead horses and drivers.
One share each of profits. No pay otherwise. All recovered goods on the trip theirs to keep unless it needs portage by caravan (in which case it becomes part of the caravan).
In the event of death:
a) share held and corpse is indentured until resurrection can be paid for
b) share held until private resurrection is performed
c) share given to next of kin
d) share returned to employer
Make them sign.
Shipment destination NOT provided. Drivers know the way. Drivers obey start and stop commands only. Delivery only to Evelyn Dubrey or authorized agent. Shares 300gp.
Transportation back to Garadh with caravan pays addition 1/10 share, else business concluded. Returning with caravan allows future employment, failure to do so precludes it.



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